Eat the Designers with AnOther Magazine & Selfridges (London, UK)

With so many events and exhibitions going on during LFW this past week (not to mention the shows themselves), there was one showcase that literally left me drooling. Since I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, I might have been better off staying away, but a girl can rarely resist the combo of fashion and dessert. Some may remember my coverage of the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, where dresses were created out of cocoa ingredients. This time around, big-name designers themselves were asked to envision their ultimate fantasy cake.

To celebrate AnOther magazine's 10th birthday, Editor in Chief Jefferson Hack (also of Dazed & Confused fame) asked a few luxury designers to come up with their dream birthday cake design just for fun. The idea snowballed when some of UK's most prestigious cake makers decided to actually execute a few of these ideas. The result was hosted by Selfridges, who presented these creations in their (appropriately titled) 'Wonder Room' concept store under the name 'Eat the Designers'. A birthday bash in-store with special guest Daphne Guinness also saw a real live model emerge from the 8-foot Lanvin cake. Now why can't I have birthdays like that?

Below you'll find a few photos I took while browsing the cake selection the day the presentation launched. As tempting as it was to plant my face in one of these beauties, I didn't feel like getting arrested (or worse yet... being banned from the store) and let's be honest... many of these are just too pretty to eat. I have included the descriptions and ingredients though. Just so you can imagine what it would be like if you were to take a nibble...

So tell me, which cake would you want for your own birthday?

Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa

(Top right image: AnOther).

“Interactive floating mobile cake. Small, matchbook-sized cakes covered in edible silverleaf suspended in a dégradé presentation. Cake flavour: lavender. Approximate size of each cake: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square. Thickness of each cake: 1/2"” ~ Francisco Costa. Made by Brett Redman, featuring silverleaf marshmallows.


Right: Overview of the space at the Selfridges concept store.

Made by Andrew Stellitano. According to the tag description, the ingredients are: bakery selection (doughnuts, cupcakes), gold candles, pink marshmallows with green/red/green web, liquorice strips, strawberry marshmallow, caramel fringes, pink meringue, silver icing, chocolate logo on biscuit, Christmas hard candy mint stick, cream, dark chocolate, Gucci diamante pattern icing, silver sugar praline, milk chocolate, lollipop, biscuit.

Philip Treacy

“I would imagine it could be made with fondant icing as it is sculptural, but as you can see it should be made by somebody who really knows what they are doing!”~Philip Treacy. Made by Julie Walsh of Le Cordon Bleu. The final cake was made of pulled sugar.

Dolce & Gabbana

“Inspiration: memories of embroideries from a Sicilian hope chest and the Sicilian baroque. Shape: heart; a tribute to passion for food. Description: a sponge cake imbued in a light and sweet-smelling citron juice, Sicilian orange blossom custard, wild strawberries, blueberries and small passion fruits. For the glazing: marzipan glaze, orange-flavoured dark chocolate coating, citrus and fruits of the forest- flavoured red and maroon small chocolate flowers (inspired by baroque velvets). The micro, white flowers are made of soft marzipan, whilst the darker ones are caramelised violets”~ Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

I don't believe these cakes were actually made (right images: AnOther). Top: Christian Louboutin, bottom: Dolce & Gabbana. Illustrations and magazines decorated part of the store walls (left).

Christian Louboutin

“Bûche de Noël Bottée: chestnut cream, chocolate, vanilla extract, Génoise cake (flour, baking powder, salt, eggs, sugar, vanilla), chocolate ganache (chocolate and heavy cream), covered in shaved chocolate (to make the bark), egg whites, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder dusting (for the meringue mushrooms), marzipan (for the sole), almond sugar, red food colouring, cocoa powder dusting” ~ Christian Louboutin

Gareth Pugh

(Images on the right... top: Annie Nichols, bottom: AnOther).

“A simple cube shape with the pattern tiled onto the surface. The triangles forming the design should be in relief and the gaps should be sunken – very crisp and sharp. Something around 6" square would be a nice size”~ Gareth Pugh. Cake made by Paul Wayne Gregory: 6" x 6"' chocolate quilted cube dusted with powdered edible sugar.


(Right image: Annie Nichols).

According to AnOther magazine: "The multicolored cake is made with smoothy creams, layers of flavours such as cherry, cream, pistachio, nut, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, apricot and strawberry. The layer tops are covered with colored marzipan and little biscuit, candies and sugar or chocolate flakes. The cup-holes are in creams, crunchy nuts and candies." Cake made by Caroline Hobkinson.


(Left image: AnOther).

Burberry Lights: light, soft lemon sponge cake with sugar icing top, illuminated with miniature studded lights. The cake is wrapped in a metallic iconic check casing.

Vivienne Westwood

"It is heart-shaped and can be made out of chocolate, strawberries or vanilla; it is absolutely up to the baker’s imagination"~ Vivienne Westwood. Cake made by Fabien Ecuvillon at Mark Hix (consisting of chocolate and an exoctic fruit of sea/buck thorn jelly).

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

"Ten candles, lace and sugar. Another Magazine as a temple of modernity. Happy Birthday"~ Karl Lagerfeld. Cake made by Peggy Porschen.


(Right image: Annie Nichols).

“I wanted to make a luxurious, tasty, happy and colorful yet chic birthday cake. I took inspiration from 1950s girls who jumped out of cakes – even though they were covered in cream they looked amazing! There are some pearls, and we use meringue at the centre, with cream, white chocolate, and truffles. The cake is big enough so that a real size girl can fit in it”~ Alber Elbaz. Cake made by Bompass & Parr.

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

This was the most elaborate and also most provocative cake hidden in a black box, only viewable from the top or via peepholes and mirrors. For adults only (a sign nearby said it was for 18+), this orgy of a sculpture was more like a work of art than an actual cake (and who knows where Tisci would have put the candles... I won't venture a guess). It was truly amazing.

(Left images: Annie Nichols).

“Dark decadence, sensuality, something that recalls pure pleasure”~ Riccardo Tisci. Made by Simon Smith out of pure margarine.

For more, head over to Annie Nichols' blog for additional images or visit the Selfridges page for videos of the 'making of' and the party.

All illustrations and cake descriptions courtesy of AnOther magazine.


  1. thanks for sharing this post.
    if i could choose any cake- it'd be a cheesecake- it's soooo good!
    yup, would've loved to meet up- wish i could've stayed longer, London is probably my favorite town
    hope you're having a great week

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    too amazing

    thank you so much for this.

  3. Wow the cakes look amazing, especially the Givenchy one!

  4. Oh yes, Fashion Week is keeping everyone busy! It's going by quickly this year! Oh wow, those cakes are amazing! I really can't choose...I'll take all of them for my b-day (that is, if I had loads of money).

  5. Wow this is amazing! Some of the concepts for the cakes are so crazy! The Gucci one is a bit boring and uninspired, but the rest are all very cool.

  6. Oh what an exciting presentation with all these fabulous cakes.
    My favourite is the Lanvin and the Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.
    I actually have a photo of Peggy Porschen's pink cake shop in my last blog post.

    Happy weekend

  7. I really love how Missoni was inspired by Russia. But my favourite has to be Calvin Klein. Floating cakes are such a unique concept. I think my least fav is Gucci though - its been done before!

  8. These are amazing! I'm going to have to forward this to my sis-in-law who does beautiful cakes for inspiration! The Burberry cake looks so cool! And the Lanvin one...well it just seems so fun like all the Lanvin windows :)

  9. Hi my dear-oh gosh, how stunning and beautiful are these? Really love the last one, but all are so inspirational and fantastic photos too! xx

  10. Hello, darling! Seems like the art of cooking is the topic of the day today. :) I posted some delicious creations today, too. :)

    I truly enjoyed browsing these pictures! Some cakes, especially, the Givenchy and Philip Treacy are so Haute Couture! I wouldn't dare eating them - they are like gorgeous sculptures!

    If I had to pick something TO EAT, I'd go for Gucci (probably super sweet, but who can resist Gucci?), Louboutin (ingredients sound like my kind of cake) and Dolce&Gabbana. :)

    Wishing you a great super sweet weekend!


  11. The Louboutain terat looks so sleek! Vivienne Westwood her true self - bubbly and overflowing. On the hand, I'm surprised at what Karl came up with...!

  12. The Missoni cake looked SO gorgeous!

  13. That sounds amazing. I love the cakes. Do you think they can design me one for my birthday??

  14. OMG! I love 'em all! What a cool idea, thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow how amazing!!! It's too bad they didn't have little tastings of each creation for you to try :) xoxo

  16. Bohaa, I want them all! Can't? Lanvin, Burberry and Tisci come out top (I think, but it is difficult). This must have been amazing to see.

  17. ooh i love the missoni cake!

  18. I just had a deja vu when I saw this mural transparent ... I've seen an equal somewhere in this life or in my past lives. Sinister haha!

  19. These are unreal.

    Surrealism + cake? Amazing.

    Lovely photos BTW. :)

    XO from Montreal:

  20. What art! I wonder how they taste?

  21. I need a London shopping...amazing details and I adore those cakes. Enjoy your time over there!

    Have a great weekend my dear friend, cheers: Evi

  22. this post is so great ! as usual... (like the missoni cake !)

  23. Gorgeous and delicious post!
    I can't decide which I like more: the cakes or the Gucci luggage!


  24. There is something so ghetto fabulous about designer cakes. Probably because I can't stop thinking of this:

    Regardless, I hope they didn't let those delicious creations get stale! Someone had to eat them!

  25. Those cakes look magnificent!


  26. what an interesting exhibition. I gotta say I was severely confused by the Calvin Klein one at first. I don't think I could actually eat any of these...maybe the Chanel one?

  27. Ooh, I LOVE the Philip Treacy - what a scrummy exhibit!! :)

  28. Wow. Absolutely amazing. They were so incredibly talented.

  29. I'd say Gareth for my own birthday but that Givenchy one is wicked... reminds me of Last Tuesday Society's party...
    I am sad I missed this but I was too busy with London Fashion Week sadly...
    But long live AnOther mag!!

  30. I know exactly what you mean about LFW! It was pretty surreal for me cause I study at Somerset House and live WC2... but the designers I enjoyed the most were those at the Freemason's Hall, the exhibition especially! Some shows were just dreadful and uninspired, and after a while I just decided not to care...
    Paris was so special cause it was my first FW and I went to Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh... it was both more hectic and more lost in time, so magical! Although I think I need more time in both cities to decide ;).

  31. These are amazing! I love a fancy cake.

  32. Amazing and I want them all too!

    Have a fabulous week ahead,

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

    btw totally agree that some of those movie poll choices over at my place are problematic!

  33. Cute overload!! I literally can't pick which one I like best!! I love ALL of them!!

  34. All of the cakes are so lovely- the Lagerfeld one just makes me happy! Hope you're well hon! xo, mel

  35. Fabulous.. I love the Burberry one..
    But I might have a slice of that Missoni cake first.. hahah
    lee x

  36. OMG, I think I sighed about 10 times and licked my lips about um 50 times...they look so delicious! My favorite have to be Lanvin and Missoni! xxoxoo

  37. How amazing is this, wow, thanks for sharing!

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  42. They all look amazing! Who does get to eat them? I especially love the Gareth Pugh and Givenchy. Loving your past few posts!

  43. Oh my the missoni cake is all kinds of incredible! So much so that I could probably resist eating it...probably ;)

  44. Oh, definitely the Treacy! It's fun and fabulous and sooooo ME. I want it for my birthday. In fact, I would do anything to have it for my birthday. I would even be seen carrying and LV bag, just to have it for my birthday. i need dessert. OMG, I need cake.

  45. Cool post! Cakes are so yammi! :)

  46. nice post, hard to believe some of those are cakes, the burberry one doesn't look eatable at all! like it looks like an actuall cuff bracelet lol

  47. I'm torn between admiring these insanely fabulous cakes and wanting to stuff them all in my mouth. Ahhh the downside of dieting...LOL!

    Love this post! ;)

  48. Wow! This is so interesting, it's really an amazing post and amazing exhibition! I would love to have a cake designed by someone- hm... Ellie Saab!

  49. love the gucci adds!


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