Maje (Paris, France)

During my occasional strolls through the streets of Paris, I often come across very chic women clutching Maje shopping bags. So of course it didn't take long before I found myself checking out one of the 8 boutiques situated throughout Paris. If Zadig & Voltaire isn't feminine enough for you, this is definitely the place to come. I would describe the style as being both rock 'n' roll and romantic, with a little bohemian flair thrown in for good measure.

The store I visited a few days ago (near Les Halles, which by the way truly isn't worth visiting if you were ever considering going there) doesn't look spectacular from the outside, but surprisingly the interior feels very homey and almost rustic - with wooden floors and furnishings, soft lighting, velvet chairs and even an animal skin rug (not sure if it was real though). The boutiques always seem to be well-frequented and the staff are very helpful.

As with most French labels, the dresses and tops are flowy and a bit slouchy, the jackets on the other hand more cropped and fitted. One big difference is the love for prints though - whether it's a big graphic on a t-shirt or tiny florals on dresses. For Spring, Maje has embraced the harem trouser as well as boyfriend jeans and hippie-styled fringing. One of the key inspirations for this season's collection is 'Brick Lane', which explains some of the more vintage-looking items. They also haven't quite given up on plaid yet, so if you missed this last season, here's your chance for more.

Prices are similar to what other upmarket French retail brands charge, with most items closer to the 100 EUR mark (and above). You might not want to spend this much on a trend item, but if you get a classic piece, it's bound to last you quite a while as all the clothes are very well-made.

(individual images: Maje homepage)

Address: 16, Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris
Opening Hrs: Mon-Sat: 10:00-19:00
Maje Homepage


  1. I actually bought their Boyfriend jeans! It fits really nicely, not too much baggy! A real BOYFRIEND but in your size (as in case with my hubby, I cant wear his,he's several sizes bigger ;)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I need to check out their jeans again, next time I'm there! :-)

  3. Does anyone know any websites apart from Net-A-Porter that stock Maje clothing, shoes and accessories??

  4. and Yoox sell Maje online as well. Some smaller boutique sites might also sell their items, but I haven't done a full search yet. Good luck!

  5. The Shop at Bluebird in London Kings Road stock them too

  6. Iam from United States and was so thrilled to find the most beautiful maje paris dress as i was vintage thrift store shopping. The dress fits me perfect.I love,love,love it, but I would also love to visit store in Paris.


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