Lanvin Boutique (Paris, France)

To truly experience the wonderful world of Lanvin, there's only one place in need to go to: the original Paris flagship. Although the few other Lanvin boutiques that currently exist in the world will boast a good selection of the current season must-haves, the Paris store is the only one that reflects Alber Elbaz's idea of a boutique set like a private home or apartment.

The first thing that will probably catch your eye is the shop window, which depicts an almost theatrical scene using dummies and props - the ever-changing concept comes courtesy of the designer himself.

While the front of the store seems quite monumental for a residence (not that I would mind!), the interior is cosy and intimate, with various art-decor furnishings, parquet floors and triptych mirrors (based on Jeanne Lanvin's original) reflecting the chic and charm that embodies this brand. Clothes can be found on racks throughout the store, but now and again, I found a dress hanging from an open antique closet filled with bags or a blouse draped next to a mirror. Open cupboards display a wide array of jewelry, while small tables feature one or two pairs of shoes. These furnishings with their precious contents can be found throughout the store and make for very pleasant browsing.

On the ground floor, I found a lot from the 22 Faubourg collection (slightly cheaper than mainline, but not necessarily affordable), including graphic print t-shirts, skirts and of course the brightly illustrated canvas bags. Current season clothes include beautifully draped pieces in light green and loosely-fitted pink gowns with polka-dots. Whether you prefer more whimsical patterns or timeless sophistication, Lanvin offers it all, but with style of course.

Towards the back, a second room is host to the wedding section, where you'll find everything from delicate ivory gowns to satin pink pumps and vintage-inspired jewelry.

Those who don't want to spend all their money on clothes, will usually spend it on shoes and Lanvin is probably just as famous for their very comfortable ballerina flats, available in a multitude of colors and patterns. A huge glass table in the entrance hall features a big selection of footwear, but to see more, heading to the second floor is a must. Towards the window, steel shelves balance a huge selection of flats in every color and texture imaginable (grey snakeskin, leopard print satin...), while the opposite wall boasts the entire collection of heels.

The main area includes clothing (runway) and yet another room at the back showcases more flowy gowns in bold jewel colors as well as made-to-measure items. Comfy sofas and couches are everywhere, so if you do get tired from shopping, take a seat and enjoy the view!

Address: 22 rue du Faubourg St. Honoré, 75008 Paris
Opening Hrs: Mon-Sat: 10:00-19:00
Lanvin Homepage


  1. Even though it specialises in womenswear I LOVE that store, it has the most beautiful atmosphere, it's incredibly calming. I haven't been over to Paris in months and months but your blog definitely has me wanting to hop on the Eurostar again!

    I'll definitely link you!


  2. Thanks! The men's store on the other side of the road isn't bad either, but profiling both stores would have been too much. Hopefully the women's Lanvin opening up on Mount St. shortly will be just as impressive!

  3. Lanvin is seriously the only reason why I want to go to Paris and shoot their windows. It drives me wild that there is no store in NY and no Alber to decorate it. Fantastic blog/concept as well. I'm glad you enjoy my equally obsessive project.

    I'd love to exchange links :)

  4. Hi!
    Thanks a bunch for your lovely comment on my blog.
    I truly envy you live in Paris ;)
    Love to see your Lanvin store photos, love especially the wedding section, they have so many beautiful dresses and accessoires!!!

    Stay Beauty,
    liebe Grüße!!!


  5. I remember seeing the wall of shoes and very nearly just, bursting into tears. The Lanvin store is beautiful in all respects.

    To see the Lanvin store again, would be reason enough for me to bust all money I had on another trip to Paris.

    Lanvin is love! <3

  6. I found his boutique behind the Madeleine and fell instantly in love. I've never been to this one..much less ventured inside.
    Did they mind you taking photos of the interior?
    Fun blog!


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